Identify Appropriate Funding Opportunity

(4-12 months in advance, though check for new opportunities as short as 2-3 months in advance)

  • Locate appropriate funding
  • Put together a research team
  • Contact Program Officer for input on appropriate RFP or division (optional)


Contact the Research Support Office* to get your proposal started

(1-2 months in advance)

  • Notify Research Support Services about your plans to submit a grant proposal. The Research Office will need to know the following:
    • To The specific funding opportunity announcement
    • The proposal deadline
    • Personnel involved (Lead PI, Co-PIs, Senior Personnel, other colleges at OSU, other institutions)
  • RSS will download application materials and start the proposal application
  • RSS will send detailed guidance to PI including a checklist of required documents, formatting and deadlines.


Contact your Grants and Contracts Specialist to develop your budget

(1-2 months in advance)

  • Work with your Grants and Contracts Specialist to develop a budget.
  • Provide your Grants and Contracts Specialist with a budget justification, project summary and additional documents as needed for routing purposes.
  • Your Grants and Contracts Specialist will generate the routing packet. Our Administrative Support Assistant will obtain all the required signatures for the routing packet. This needs to be done 7-10 business days before the proposal deadline


Send all required documents to RSS for submission

(1-2 days in advance)

  • Send all required proposal documents to RSS
  • RSS finalizes proposal application and uploads proposal documents
  • Completed routing packet is returned to RSS
  • RSS sends complete proposal package to PI for final approval
  • Revisions are made as needed
  • Proposal is submitted by Research Support Services