The Arts & Sciences Faculty Council consists of 7 Standing Committees:

Rules and Procedures
College Policy and Planning
Curriculum, General Education, and Outreach
Sabbatical Leave
Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee

 The 7 Standing Committees are permanent and are the Faculty Council's operating agents.


College Policy and Planning
Chair (CASFS Member) Jahanshahi, Pouya
MUSIC Bester, Christian
HIST Du, Yongtao
PBEE Greer, Lane
CHEM El Rassi, Ziad
COMSC Cecil, Joe
CDIS Parveen, Sabiha
Curriculum, GenEd and Extension
Chair (CASFC Member) Dzialowski, Andy
CS Shamsuddin, Rittika
LL Woodall-Greene, Taylor
MUSI Robinson, Ryan
HIST Kosc, Kallie
GEOL Puckette, Jim
ex officio non-voting members Doust, Andrew
Martindale, Amy
student Ali, Elshaddai
student Truitt, Taylor
 student Rodman, Katelynn
Rules and Procedures
Chair (ASFC Member) Mantini, Lisa
TH Estala, Jason (ASFC)
POLSC Nemeth, Steve
MICR Youssef, Noha (ASFC)
GEOL Knapp, James (ASFC)
MATH Wright, David
SOC Schmitz, Rachel (ASFC) 
Chair (ASFC member) Avance, Rosemary
ART Mattern, Andy
GEOG Brad, Bays
ENGL Aimee Parkison
MSC Shin, Sumin
PHIL Stewart, Heather
student Bushyhead, Mikah
student Parks, Samantha
Sabbatical Leave 
Chair (elect their own)
POLSC Adkison, Danny
ENGL Cheng, An
PBEE Yang, Ming
STAT Rudra, Pratya
CHEM Mohanty, Smita
Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure
Chair (elect their own) Kimbrough, Andrew(Ch), Tetnowski, John(co-Ch)
PSYC Ciciolla, Lucia (Aso)
SOC Fullerton, Andrew (Full)
IBIO Minghetti, Matteo (Aso)
TH Andrew Kimbrough (Full) 
CDIS Tetnowski, John (Full) 
PHYS Khanov, Alexander (Full)
PHIL Pasternack (Fall) Heitz (Spr)
ART (Roth, Liz Full) 
GEOG Cordova, Carlos (Full) 
MICR Morgenstein, Randy (Aso) 
MSC McGuire, John (Full) 
Non-Tenure Track Faculty
Chair Kaurin-Karaca, Natasa (MUSI, ASFC)
NTT-NMS Spencer, Brandon (GEOG, ASFC)
NTT-AHUM Howerton, Eric (ENGL)
NTT-SOCS Labrecque, Jen (PSYC, ASFC)
NTT-NMS Francisco, Cynthia (MATH)
NTT-AHUM Ashley, Lisa (CDIS)
NTT-SOCS Drohan, Chris (PHIL)
optional member  
optional member  

Except for the Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Sabbatical Leave Committee, the standing committees formulate and recommend actions, policies, and procedures for approval by the Faculty Council, which in turn makes recommendations to the Dean. As they make recommendations concerning personnel matters, the Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Sabbatical Leave Committee report directly to the Dean.


Ad Hoc Committees
Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Council whenever necessary. This action is submitted to the Faculty Council for approval at its next meeting. The term of an Ad Hoc Committee expires after the meeting at which its final report is accepted by the Faculty Council.