How do I request a pre-migration consultation?
Please contact Lucas Hess in CAS Outreach to be assigned a person to help you and your webmaster prepare for migrating your departmental site to OmniUpdate.


Where do I get my initial training on managing our OmniUpdate site?
Currently, due to Covid-19 issues, Brand Management is not providing in-person training sessions.  video and an exercise created by Brand Management. To request Online training access,  contact Kaitlin Little or Chance Parker with the following information (name, email address, and CWID) and they will set you up with a training folder and send you the information you will need to get training. Online Omni training is a combination of a



How do I request an OmniUpdate site setup for my department?



How do I specify who should be assigned webmaster status for our site?
How will our departmental URL change when we move to OmniUpdate?
In OmniUpdate, all departmental sites will be sub-sites under the main college site.  Your current departmental URL will be setup to redirect to your new OmniUpdate web site which is hosted outside the University, so you will not have to change any of your printed materials.  Officially, your URL will become


Where can I find OmniUpdate support materials?



Where can I get design support for our web site pages?