Office Of The Dean

Principal College Officers:    
Bret Danilowicz   Dean
Bruce C. Crauder   Associate Dean for Instruction and Personnel
Larry Mullins   Associate Dean for Research
Thomas A. Wikle   Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Amy Martindale   Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services Director
Bobbi Kay Lewis   Arts & Sciences Outreach Director
Reneé G. Tefertiller,   Arts and Sciences Fiscal Affairs Director
College Support Staff:    
Terri Cushing,    Executive Administrative Assistant
Lori Scanlan    Administrative Assistant
Patty Rich    Administrative Support Specialist I






Arts & Sciences Development Office
Arts & Sciences Student Services
Arts & Sciences Outreach Office
Arts & Sciences Research Office
Arts & Sciences Fiscal Affairs Office
Arts & Sciences Career Services Office
Arts & Sciences Media Relations Office
Arts & Sciences Alumni Relations Office