Associate Dean for Research

202  Life Sciences East

The College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) consists of 24 departments with 400+ faculty, many of which write for and are awarded millions of dollars in federal, state and private funding each year. In fiscal year 2011, A&S routed approximately 297 proposals totaling almost $57 million. A&S professors secured $12.1 million in new awards or had a 21% success rate.

The Associate Dean for Research (ADR) oversees these research activities. To further promote and facilitate research, the ADR:

  •  represents A&S departmental research needs among other OSU colleges;
  •  fosters departmental research collaboration among A&S faculty;
  •  negotiates and provides start-up funds to new A&S faculty;
  •  assists in securing cost share funds for new proposals;
  •  administers internal grant programs to provide eligible A&S faculty with individual research and travel dollars; and
  •  oversees the management of Research Support Services

The Business Office and Research Support Services are located in the Dean’s Faculty Resource Center (202 Life Sciences East) and provide faculty with centralized proposal submission and grant administration and management services.

Business Office
Each department in A&S is assigned a Grants and Contracts (G&C) specialist to work with department faculty over the entire grant lifecycle---from proposal budget development to award, financial administration, and closeout. G&C specialists also initiate the OSU proposal routing process. If a proposal budget is prepared or if an award is accepted or modified, a routing sheet must be prepared by Research Support Services to route for official OSU approval.

Research Support Services
Research Support Services (RSS) works closely with A&S faculty to ensure that their proposals are compliant with OSU and agency-specific policies and submitted on or before the required deadline. RSS provides additional services:

  •     Locates and disseminates external funding information
  •     Interprets proposal guidelines
  •     Guides faculty through the proposal submission process
  •     Submits grant proposals on behalf of OSU and faculty PIs
  •     Periodically conducts grant writing sessions for new faculty
  •     Manages A&S internal awards program